XXXII – The Aftermath

Thanks everyone for attending the event, we had a fantastic turnout. It was good to see some new faces in the crowd too, we hope the newcomers enjoyed their first LAN and that we’ll see them again at the next one.
I’d like to thank the guys from LAN-slide for making the long trip down to check out our event and bringing both awesome prizes and entertainment to the LAN. It certainly livened things up watching people flop around like beached dolphins while trying to eat donuts suspended by strings, or sculling an entire carton of custard. Especially when one of the competitors lost the battle to keep his custard down lol. The winners earned the adulation of the other attendees and Kinzu Pro Edition gaming mice thanks to Steel Series.

The tournaments went well with plenty of entries. The 1v1 format for the SC2 tournament made for some good matches, although I got my butt kicked in the first round. Congratulations to Satan’s Icecream Truck for his victory. He got a shiny trophy and a Logitec G19s gaming keyboard thanks to Phoenix IT.
Although the LANOTD team made it through the first round of the TF2 tournament, I think it may have been less about skill and more about a lucky draw lol. It ended with a great final between Save Our Souls and The Square that went all the way through to a third match. Congrats to The Square on their win and receipt of shiny medals and Talon Blu gaming mice thanks to Tt eSports.
The Jedi Academy tournament pulled a surprising number of entries and after a FFA match of frenzied lightsaber swinging, people plummeting off cliffs, and plenty of swearing, Jonah emerged as the victor. He got a shiny trophy and an Ultimate FX Lightsaber for the win.

The raffle was a huge success as always and we had a great prize haul which included a Minecraft Diamond Edition Steve, Deadpool bobblehead, 120 GB Kingston SSD, 2 TB Seagate HDD, 8 GB G-skill DDR3, Steel Series Siberia gaming headset, Tt eSports Challenger Prime gaming keyboard, Officejet Pro 6230 printer, Princess Leia Pop Vinyl, Super Sayan Goku Pop Vinyl, USB arcade controller, Nokia C2-01 mobile phone, Sprout USB powered speakers, KFC potato & gravy (with bonus napkin & fork), and several packs of Steel Series Sims 4 mice, mouse mats & headphones. Thanks to Tt eSports, Multicomm ITReal Deal Memorabilia & Steel Series for their contributions.
We had an amazing amount of stuff for random giveaways which included contributions from MittoniSuper Billing, and “an anonymous benefactor”.

An impromptu Smash Brothers competition on the big projector got a heap of interest and the whole stage area was lost for quite some time due to all the spectators. I have no idea who won, but they took home a Steel Series Sims 4 headset.
My efforts to use our large haul of Thermaltake swords to capture a scene of epic inflatable battle quickly deteriorated into a frenzied all out slugfest punctuated by squealing and profanity. I’m still not sure how the guy in the pink lycra bodysuit and blue wig fit into that idea.
Some of the guys later ad-libbed a Black Knight style dual that included the quickest virtual decapitation I’ve ever seen and another trooper on his knees with both arms behind his back trying to pick up a blowup sword in his teeth while being belted about the head. Naturally Monty Python quotes abounded.
Some pop quiz questions for Steel Series mouse mats revealed LANers don’t know when Australia Day is or how many admins we have, and they desperately need to brush up on Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. No, the answer is not 52 or 47.

Thanks again for coming along everyone and making it an awesome event. The full photo set should be up on our website soon.