XXXIII – The Aftermath

Another LAN finished and it certainly was a great event! Attendance was so good we filled up and had to lay out some extra tables to meet the demand. Entries for all the tournaments were high, and it looked like everyone had a great time.
We’d like to thank all the out-of-towners for coming down to our little event. The boys from LAN-Slide were back, and they even brought some friends with them. Slenderman also came all the way from Melbourne, and we even had a couple from Queensland in attendance. I hope you all found it worth the trip.

We had plenty of activities on the go at the event. The icecream scoffing competition drew quite a bit of interest and resulted in sore heads and stickiness as some of the entrants plowed into it with their hands. One of them decided he may as well keep eating it after the comp ended lol. Congrats to the gluttonous winner who received a pack of Sims 4 mouse, headset and mouse mat from Steel Series.

Even more popular was pummeling onesie clad admins with water balloons. There was quite a line up for this competition as Kasheem and Donkey taunted the competitors with dancing and provocative butt-wiggling. Despite competitors reinforcing the idea that nerds can’t throw, Whiteshadow emerged as the winner with 4/5 balloons scoring hits. He received a Kinzu Pro Edition mouse thanks to Steel Series. With extra balloons left over it soon became a water balloon barrage as LANers scrambled to launch the remaining ammunition at the pair.

As usual Rock Band and Guitar Hero on the big projector were popular with the masses. We also had Shaun from Harvey Norman bring along a full driving rig and a copy of Forza 6 for people to try out. Naturally this got a heap of attention.

The Chivalry tournament was awesome fun with almost 30 entrants hacking apart opponents or leaving them bristling with arrows. Congratulations to Electric Oven for his win. He was the lucky recipient of a Logitech G910 gaming keyboard thanks to Phoenix IT.
We had 8 teams enter the CS:GO tournament and some nail-bitingly close matches. Unfortunately ours wasn’t one of those and we got our butts kicked in the first round. The final was a cracker to watch and gave us a demonstration of how real CS players do business and why we lost so horribly lol. Congratulations to Inhuman for their win and receipt of some awesome 9H gaming headsets from Steel Series.

The HL2 DM tournament also proved popular and the venue was soon echoing with squeals and profanity as players were pummeled with toilets and barrels for 15 minutes. Congratulations to Axol for his win and receipt of a Kinzu Pro Edition gaming mouse from Steel Series.
We also ran a Mario Kart 64 battle mode tournament up on the projector which caused some excitement in the early hours of the morning. Congratulations to the excitable winner who was clearly very happy with his USB arcade controller.

We had a huge prize haul for the raffle and distributed a record number of tickets. Prizes included an OCZ 120GB SSD, 2 Tt eSports Challenger Prime gaming keyboards, 8GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3, a HP printer from Multicomm IT, some Pop Vinyls from Real Deal Memorabilia, a Steel Series gaming mouse mat from Super Billing and a Monster MVP Carbon gaming headset from Harvey Norman. Steel Series also provided a CS:GO RIVAL Fade Limited Edition mouse and 5 Sims 4 gaming packs.
Just to ensure the raffle was REALLY worth entering we threw in not one, but TWO potato & gravies.

Thanks everyone for coming and making it such a successful event. We’ll try and get photos up on our website as soon as possible.