XXXIV – The Aftermath

Our first LAN at the new venue and aside from a couple of hitches it went very well. We increased our capacity to 70 for this event and weren’t disappointed with the turnout, including about 15 people who drove down from Melbourne. Thanks for making the trip guys. We tried out some new things at the new venue, some of which were awesome, some need a bit of work. Next time the event will be even awesomer ūüėČ

The¬†ASUS¬†Rocket League tournament was awesome with 8 teams entering, the admin crew actually won a game 4-0 despite never having played before. After a very exciting competition and some close games, Scrub Squad emerged victorious. They received STRIX TACTIC PRO keyboards from ASUS and shiny medals. Although it was unfortunately delayed due to bandwidth problems, we got there in the end with some help from the LAN-Slide guys. Good show lads. We apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience. We’ve got plans in the works for future events to ensure these issues won’t re-occur.

Entries for the ASUS Chivalry tournament were also high, but then who doesn’t love wildly hacking at people with a sword. The tournament produced the usual cacophony of cursing and shouting, which I take as a sign people were enjoying themselves. In the end it was ElectricOven who slaughtered his way to victory. He received a GTX960 graphics card from ASUS and a shiny trophy.

We then traveled back in time to relive our glory days with the ASUS Unreal Tournament tournament. While some of us may have lost our edge over the years, competition was still fierce. Ending with a Last Man Standing mode final that came right down to the wire, the final man alive was Badger. He took home a STRIX DSP headset thanks to ASUS and a shiny trophy.

Once again we held a couple of novelty competitions. Ten people took part in the physically grueling milk scull & run. A litre of milk to chug, 40 star-jumps, and a bunch of running showed who’s stomach contained the most iron, who’s legs the most speed, and who had the most entertaining star-jump technique. Although the latter title was taken by Nuke, unfortunately he didn’t win the competition. The actual winner took home an Ideazon Reaper Edge mouse for his efforts thanks to¬†Mittoni.

When offered the opportunity to get their own back on the event admins, twenty or thirty people stepped up for a go. With SomeBreedOfDonkey and Kasheem wearing some rather fetching onsies and standing up against the wall like a couple of suspects at a police raid, contestants lined up to try and send a soccer ball ploughing into the defenseless pair. Luckily for them the majority proved to be rather poor shots with a soccer ball and only about 10 scored hits. The finalists got 3 shots at the pair now dancing back and forth like targets in a shooting gallery. Congrats to the winner who scored some strong hits and was called Mexico by his friends‚Ķ.in an affectionate way I’m sure and not at all due to any racial stereotyping. He also received an Ideazon Reaper Edge mouse.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we not only had some great prizes for the tournaments and competitions, but also an awesome prize pool for the raffle. Prizes included an MVP Carbon headset from Harvey Norman; some large gaming mouse mats, a Republic of Gamers over-clocking controller, some TP-Link PCI wireless cards, Logitech Ultimate Ears, an AStone TV Pro media player, and $50 gift cards from PLE Computers; a pretty sweet Street Kickers remote control car from Multicomm; some Pop Vinyls from Real Deal Memorabilia; STRIX CLAW gaming mice from ASUS; a Logitec G910 Orion Spark keyboard from Phoenix IT. We also kicked in a Seagate 2 TB HDD and a Kingston 120 GB SSD along with a can of Pedigree dog food donated by LAN-Slide. Not sure what point they were trying to make there.

Thanks also to¬†Aussie Broadband¬†for providing internet for the event and to¬†Pinky’s Pizza¬†for the discounted pizza menu and free delivery to give us the strength to carry on through the event.

We’ll get photos from the event up on our website soon.