XXXV – The Aftermath

Another great LAN over and done with. We had a pretty good turn-out, and even had an impromptu visit by a journalist from The Standard newspaper.

Thanks to our generous sponsors there was an awesome prize pool. A heap of attendees took home some new gaming peripherals from tournaments, competitions and our ever popular raffle.

Our first novelty competition involved pairs of LANers flexing their athletic muscles on the basketball court against LANOTD admins Kasheem and SomeBreedOfDonkey. Competitors who managed to sink a basket before our admins went through to a free-throw shootout for a Siberia headset from Steel Series. As it turns out computer gamers aren’t all that great at basketball, and despite our admins being hampered by onesies the competition took quite a while. In the end the victor emerged, also wearing a onesie as it turns out. Perhaps there’s some undiscovered correlation between onesies and basketball ability. I wonder if the NBA has ever experimented with this…

We had something pretty interesting planned for our second novelty competition, until it started pouring rain. Instead we had a huge game of… DODGEBALL! Over 30 LANers lined up to dodge, duck, dip, dive and… dodge.

We discovered gamers aren’t the most aggressive dodgeballers with competitiors spending more time hiding at the back of the court than actually attempting to knock out their opponents lol. After some pretty entertaining acrobatics the field was finally narrowed down to our fleet footed victor, who took home a Siberia headset from Steel Series.

We had some great tournaments thanks to the huge prize pool provided by ASUS. First up was the hack’n’slash mayhem of the ASUS Chivalry Tournament. We held a single round with all entrants in the one map. With the large number of entrants we got, it quickly became pretty chaotic with swirling melees erupting in all directions. Congratulations to Mr Bluey for his victory and receipt of a shiny trophy and a Cerberus headset from ASUS.

The greatly awaited ASUS Overwatch Tournament ran smoothly on the new internet setup thanks to the efforts of our admin Kasheem. Entrants were keen to show their skills, including a team of guys who’d only logged about an hour of game time. Eventually one team came out as the clear winners, Gentlemen in Kayaks. They received shiny medals and Cerberus keyboards and mice from ASUS.

The ASUS Call Of Duty 2 Tournament also proved popular with plenty of people entering. After an exciting match where competitors battled through a hail of bullets and were met with grenades around every corner, our winner emerged victorious. Congratulations to White Shadow for coming out on top. He received the coveted shiny trophy and a Cerberus headset thanks to ASUS.

Another interesting development was the unexpected appearance of NeoKarn with his Vive VR gear. I think over the course of the event almost everyone had the opportunity to try it out, which was for most of us our first encounter with VR gaming. It was awesome fun to play, and probably almost as entertaining to watch. Boy were my arms tired though.

Shortly after our last event the local gaming community lost a long standing member, Simon “Dougie” Hawkins. He was known to most of us, either from his many years of attending our events, or through his many friendships outside the LAN scene. His family asked if we could do something in his memory, so we invited everyone in attendance to join in one of his favourite games. After a short speech from one of his best mates, Dingo, we piled into a game of Unreal Tournament GOTY for some good old fashioned fragging that I’m sure Dougie would have enjoyed. RIP buddy.

Aside from heaps of gaming, socialising, and random give-aways, we also had our highly anticipated prize raffle. There was plenty of great stuff up for grabs such as Cerberus headsets from ASUS, Batman and Game of Thrones t-shirts from Real Deal Memorabilia, a Razor Blackwidow keyboard from Phoenix IT, a Z-Curve Bow and remote control go-cart from Multicomm IT, and a Roccat Kone XTD mouse from Harvey NormanSteel Series also provided a Stratus XL game pad, some gaming mousemats, Siberia headsets, and a 6G V2 keyboard for the prize pool.

Thanks also to Aussie Broadband for providing internet for the event, and Pinky’s Pizza for the discounted pizza menu and free delivery.

Thanks everyone for coming. Photos from the event should be up on our site soon.