XXXVI – The Aftermath

Another great LAN over & done.

The turnout wasn’t as good as previous events, but we still all had a great time and gave away some of the best prizes we’ve had in LANOTD history.

Thanks to all the guys who came and gave us a hand during set-up, it would have taken us ages to shift all those tables and chairs on our own. A special shout-out to Johnny Ward for the long hours he spent on those pesky switches.

The ASUS Unreal Tournament 2004 tourney was awesome gun blazing, mad jumping fun. With a sweet MG279 27″ gaming monitor up for grabs from SteelSeries as well as some vouchers for PLE Computers.

I do have to wonder though if Badgers new screen played some part in their win…

Later it was time to take a stroll into nostalgia with the MOHAA: Spearhead old school tournament. Players spammed, camped and grenaded their way through 3 classic maps vying for the Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard provided by Phoenix IT. There were cries of angst aplenty and more bullets expended than at a Texan wedding when Shamfknwow raised aloft his arms in victory…or got out of his chair at least.

Aside from the tournaments we also held 3 novelty competitions to keep the blood pumping. You may think it cruel to make people scull custard and then get wheelbarrow-raced across a sporting field, but we like to think of it as character building. A few competitors may have eaten some grass along the way, but it’s bound to be good for them….cows live on the stuff after all. The winning pair got Republic of Gamers Gladius mice thanks to ASUS.

We also gave the gamers a chance at a rematch against our admins in another basketball competition. They looked stunning in their sweaty onsies, which I assume they plan on burning. I had to wonder if they were losing their touch though when two young girls who were about 5 feet tall managed to get by them and score. After some not-so-spectacular exhibitions of athleticism, and a final free-throw shoot out, a winner emerged. He received a go-kart voucher from Warrnambool Fun Centre.

Finally we had possibly the most entertaining competition we’ve ever run……the dance off! Competitors pranced, cart-wheeled & wormed as they attempted to eliminate their competitors through feats of grace and co-ordination….as well as head-spins and the six-step. After much applause (and laughter) the final exhausted LANer received a Republic of Gamers Strix wireless gaming headset from ASUS.

Lastly we had the prize raffle with a record number of tickets being sold as people tried to increase their chances of winning the awesome BattleBull gaming chair provided by PLE Computers. The admin team had hand-cramps by the time ticket sales closed.

We all knew the chair was going to go on the first ticket drawn, but we didn’t expect 2 people to jump up and try to claim the ticket. It turns out one disappointed LANer needs to learn his ABCs better, I think I saw a tear in his eye when he realised. Interestingly the next ticket drawn actually was his, just to rub salt in the wound. Other great prizes included two $75 vouchers from PLE Computers, some Star Wars Chubbies from Real Deal Memorabilia, a micro-drone from Multicomm IT, Splat Zone paintball vouchers from Warrnambool Fun Centre, a Republic of Gamers Zulcan Pro gaming headset from ASUS, and a keyboard bag from SteelSeries. We also scrounged up a Western Digital 120GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 RAM, some $50 Steam vouchers, a razer gaming keyboard, and some Pop Vinyls.

All in all it was a great event. We even had one guy spend his 18th birthday at the event, which he may have regretted when we had everyone in attendance sing happy birthday to him 😉

Thanks also goes out to Pinkys Pizza for the discounted tucker, Mittoni for providing some water-cooling gear, South West TAFE for their aid in covering expenses, and of course Aussie Broadband for the internet connection that is a necessity of modern gaming events.